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Stories of Unfading Resilience

It’s been a long time coming, the Social Content Corner and this blog. After spending a decade working at the grassroots in Delhi, my home city, I moved to Hyderabad in 2014. I was at a crossroads.

I’d been working as a freelance copy editor in Delhi for some time. Yet, my heart remained in the forgotten corners of our great Capital City. Whether it was the women sex workers at Mori Gate or the Hijra community in Yammuna Pushta slums or the street-based substance users at Darya Ganj or the children who sorted garbage for a living in Jahangirpuri – I saw an unfading resilience. Something so primal, beyond hope and determination.

They didn’t need a saviour. All they wanted was to be seen, to not be forgotten…to be heard. To be considered a human and not just a statistic. For this, I wanted to remain part of their world no matter what.

After moving to Hyderabad, the dilemma was whether to pursue writing and editing as a profession or continue working at the grassroots. And, so was born the Social Content Corner – and this blog!

As human beings, what makes us resilient is as complex as the being itself. The examples of human resilience are endless. And, that is what the Social Content Corner blog will honour – the strength, inclination and the attempts to endure—of all of us who are connected through the most primal instinct. Human resilience.

While the Social Content Corner will partner with social impact organisations—from grassroots nonprofits and INGOs to private and corporate foundations—the blog will be a space that will feature stories of change, of human resilience – battles with adversities, battles with circumstances and the journeys to find stability, strength, health.

More than being inspirational, this collection of stories will be a source for contemplation and universal healing. It will build a community of ordinary people, endeavouring to live ordinary lives.

We understand the sensitive nature of what we’re trying to achieve through this blog. We understand that creating narratives around human lives cannot be forced, and that it would need to remain a natural process. For that, we thank beforehand everyone who will come forward to share their lives with us and be open to revealing their most intimate thoughts and experiences.

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Aruna Dasgupta
Aruna Dasgupta
Apr 06, 2022

Congratulations, Reeti! Look forward to hearing their stories....and many more.

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