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Image by Daria Kraplak
Image by Romain Vignes
Image by Kelly Sikkema


Building Human Stories

The Social Content Corner collaborates with you on developing case studies through a human-centric lens. We combine the impact your initiatives have on an individual's life and craft narratives from the perspective of human resilience. These narratives can be used for studies, program and field reports, proposals, newsletters, brochures, websites and social media.


Shaping Impactful Narratives

The Social Content Corner collaborates with your team of experts on reports, studies, proposals, research papers and marketing materials. 

We support your team with developmental, substantive, content, structural and copy editing. 


Creating Content Strategies

The Social Content Corner works with you to create strategies on how content can be used to feature your impact and what content works best on which platforms.

We can help you create these strategies as well as craft content for launching and growing your presence. 

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